Case Study. 一 ManhoodTV

Online Men’s Grooming Shop

Challenge is an online men’s grooming shop selling natural shaving creme, beard oil and more. The challenge was how to increase online orders. When they came to us they wanted to add a subscription model. We agreed that men do not shop based on brand loyalty and that they are looking for solutions. We suggested turning the shop into a magazine that discusses problems and provides solutions by visibly showcasing the product with a clear call to action button “Add to cart”.

The End
Product is an interactive resource designed to teach men better grooming and lifestyle practices. They proved step-by-step processes and tools proven to enhance their everyday life. With the use of a grooming guide, health & lifestyle articles and “how to” videos, MANHOOD TV is here to educate men on the more personal topics of everyday life.

The quality of their work was very good. Swiss Commerce also stood out in terms of responsiveness and other factors… They’re flexible in creating custom solutions for any client.


Our approach was to put emphasis on the content and very little on the products. By doing this, would promote the content, and at the end give men direct access to the products used to solve the issue discussed. Another solution was to use a custom made Magento for their E-commerce transactions, this allowed us to add a subscription model. Due to a vast amount of content, we used a CDN (content delivery network technology) to speed up the page loads. We also used Google Cloud and Amazon services to achieve the speed because of the heavy amount of content used on the website.

We placed targeted strategic call to action throughout the website to track & increase conversion rates. In return, the client received more sales and visitors for the same budget used on marketing. originally had a small following on Facebook, which increased significantly when they had more content to post; which provided more traffic to the website. There was also an increase in brand recognition, multiple brands approached which lead to their products being displayed in Urban Outfitters.

Technology Used

Zend Framework
Doctrine ORM 2
Mongodb and MySQL
Google Cloud Server
Rackspace CDN


Front-end Development
Back-end Development
API Integration
API Development
Search Algorithm
Desktop Application
Event Based Email Triggers

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