Eight Questions You Should Ask Your Website Developer

    1. Do you have your own permanent staff or outsource to freelancers?
      Having permanent staff rather than outsourcing to freelancers ensures that the company knows the strengths and weaknesses of each developer and compiles the best team for your website needs.


    1. Who is my point of contact during the course of the project?
      It is important to have a single point of contact (e.g. project manager) whose only job is to coordinate every inquiry or request and bring it to the right person in the team. It ensures higher speed and quality. The same model of one person contacted is used when handling troubleshooting requests.


    1. How do you ensure staying within the original budget?
      Each web development firm has a different approach. We charge a flat rate per project. That is why before we take on a project, we prepare a detailed price quote for the customer according to his requirements and needs. Keep in mind that surprises are very common during a website coding and we factor this in to our budget. With most development firms this surprise cost is added to the client’s bill in form of additional hours which can in worst case endanger the overall project.


    1. Will I own all copyright material and is there additional cost for that?
      For majority of web development firms, if this issue is not discussed, the client will NOT own the copyright material. Our developers create your website upon your request so yes, the copyright is all yours and there is no additional fee for that, even if we don’t discuss it.


    1. What if I am not happy with your service?
      Depending the nature of the project we will provide you with wireframes and a graphic mockup. Before we even begin with coding you will know exactly how your website is going to look like. You won’t make any payments to us unless you are satisfied with the work and design at that stage. Stay away from development firms who will provide you a preview milestone after they have already started with coding.


    1. How do you handle troubleshooting requests?
      We have extensive real time monitoring 24/7 in place that notifies our support and network team instantly via email and SMS if a website is down or is under attack. We resolve the issue in a reasonable time. Bugs due to new browsers and operating systems are resolved at no or small fee depending on the issue.


    1. Can a new qualified developer easily take over a website you’ve been coding?
      We had many cases where we had to take over an abandoned project. 8 out of 10 cases, the code is completely useless due to lack of documentation.
      If you decide to take our project to someone else eventually, it will be extremely easy for another qualified and professional web developer to pick up the code and continue the task because of the international standards like W3C we ALWAYS follow and comply with.


    1. Do you know HTML5?
      If you are going to start a new website, ensure that the website is HTML5 compliant. Do not take no for an answer.
      We are one of the earliest adopters of HTML5 markup language for website development so yes, we do know HTML5 and constantly improve our skill set according to the new trends in technology.