Graphic Designers
Database Architect
Information Architect
Project Manager
Network Security
Help Desk
Client Representative
Data Entry
Google Expert
Multimedia Editor
Security Hackers
creates art work for your website, including photos, logos, banners, icons etc.
converts graphics and layouts into coding.
defines and configures all variables for your web database.
specializes in navigation menu positioning, web structure, user experience.
tests the completed website for different scenarios.
make sure the entire team is working in sync to complete project within deadline.
configures and upgrades the server, hosting, domain. Secures application for web.
help troubleshooting errors and general maintenance. Can remotely fix your PC.
single point of contact between you and Swiss Commerce.
transfers content from one location to another. Often input of data into database.
promotes and advertises your products and services online, print media or TV.
adjusts your website and content to gain top positioning for relevant words and phrases on google.
uses program to create, edit multimedia content, including audio, graphics, animation & video for web or TV.
controlled team of hackers will attack the website and advise how this can be prevented in the future.


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